Board of Directors

ShareControl Board is a site in Office 365 for the board and intends to streamline the boards work.

The solution provides a secure, structured and efficient workplace for the board, with good overview of meetings, legal documents and relevant information for the board members. The solution is available for businesses of all sizes.

Powered by
Office 365
In collaboration with
DLA Piper




ShareControl Board for Office 365:

  • Good overview of upcoming and conducted board meetings, with the associated legal documents.
  • Board documents are easily accessible with our structured method to store files and by the use of metadata.
  • Meeting calendar and the ability to add your own events.
  • Access to the knowledge base with relevant laws and regulations.
    Content is updated regularly in collaboration with the law firm DLA Piper – one of the world's largest law firms.
  • The ability to link internal guidelines like board plans, board instructions, and more.
  • Simple task assignment and management.
  • Versionlogging of documents enables you to retrieve older versions.
  • Write protection of finalized documentation.
  • Simple file search with Office 365 search engine and Delve.
  • Secure synchronization of documents with OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.
  • iPad usage with the ability to mark and write comments.
  • World Online lets you easily translate documents into other languages.
  • Available in Norwegian and English editions.

Advantages with Add-ins

ShareControl is added on top of your Office 365. We emphasize the functionality that already exists in SharePoint in a simple and accessible way. All the files you work on are stored on your SharePoint.

You'll have complete control from day one, making it easy to take your data with you, as everything is stored on your tenant.


With Office 365 your data stays with you. You own it. You have full control. If you decide to terminate your Office 365 service you can bring your data with you.

When you entrust your data to Office 365, you remain the only owner of them; you retain the rights and ownership of the data you store in Office 365.


The ShareControl products are Add-ins for Office 365. You receive access to a .app-file which your administrator uploads to your tenants App-catalog. It is at that moment that your ShareControl product becomes available among the options when selecting to add an app to a site.

Each product is added to its own site. It is possible to add the product to several sites. We recommend that sites are structured in collaboration with your company's IT department, as rights and permissions is an important factor.

The product runs in the browser of the user (html/javascript) and uses REST to communicate between the site and SharePoint. To access the ShareControl view one must simply start the app by clicking the app icon from the site contents overview.