IFRS 16 Leases

Share Control is always one step ahead: Now introducing the new IFRS set of rules for accounting for leases that will affect a wide range of companies across industries, and Share Control has the tool ready for you with our brand new IFRS 16 portal.

The standard requires that tenants recognize most types of leases in the balance sheet, which will have major effects for accounting and other key figures. In addition, there are a number of new disclosure requirements in the standard.

We have a IFRS 16 portal where the required metadata is recorded. This ensures that you can easily handle the requirements of the ruleset and practically handle this for your leases.

Share Control IFRS 16 portal is a great tool for you when implementing the IFRS 16 standards in your enterprise, which gives you full control over your leases.

Contact us for more information and a presentation of our IFRS 16 portal solution.

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