IFRS 16 workshop med de ledende revisjonsselskap

IFRS 16 er en omfattende regnskapsstandard å implementere med mange valg og vurderinger.


Vi tilbyr workshops basert på vår ShareControl Contract IFRS 16 løsning sammen med de ledende revisjonsselskap.

Vi går gjennom kontrakter dere har registret i vår løsning og diskuterer temaer som

  • Hva skal inngå i minimum lease payment
  • Hvilken periode skal man legge til grunn
  • Diskonteringsrente
  • «Non lease Component»
  • Kortsitige avaler og leie av eiendeler med lav verdi
  • Vesentlighetsbetraktninger
  • Opsjoner og termineringsklausuler
  • Hva bør man presentere ovenfor ledelsen, hvilke analysemuligheter har man i modellen
  • Regnskapsrapportering – selskap og konsernregnskap
  • Skatt og merverdiavgift

Workshop er en halv eller en hel dag og kan holdes på norsk eller engelsk.

IFRS 16 Leases

ShareControl Contract and IFRS 16 is the software to collect and organize your lease contracts and perform calculations in accordance with IFRS 16.

With ShareControl Contract and IFRS 16 you systematize the collection of documentation of lease contracts, extract key data from the contracts and perform calculations in accordance with IFRS 16.

The solution utilizes SharePoint metadata to record key information in the lease agreements to be uploaded in the Excel calculations templates in the solution. Documents and metadata can be locked after completed. Accounting memos on specific contracts are stored together with key data and the actual contract. Share with your auditor and start an efficient process to implement IFRS 16.

The solution requires SharePoint in Office 365 or SharePoint 2016. All SharePoint functionality, like browser preview of documents, version log, advanced search, SharePoint app for mobiles and sharing with external users, are available to you.

ShareControl Contract and IFRS 16 is the tool that gives you full control over the implementation process of IFRS 16. It can be installed in an hour, and you are ready to go. The prize is sized with your business and is favorable for smaller enterprises. You can also use the solution for other contracts and have a full contract archive.

Contact us for more information and presentation of our IFRS 16 solution.

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ShareControl IFRS for Office 365:

  • Systematizes the collection of lease contracts to be evaluated in accordance with IFRS 16.
  • Excel calculation of the liability and other elements.
  • Overview of option exercise date and adjustments dates.
  • Version log of documents allows you to retrieve older versions.
  • Read-only protection of finalized documentation.
  • Easy to use file search through Office 365 and Delve.
  • Access to documents through SharePoint app for mobile devices.
  • Word Online allows you to translate documents into other languages.
  • Other contracts can be uploaded to have a compete contract archive.
  • The ability to add own internal guidelines and links to web pages you use in your daily work.
  • Knowledgebase with eIFRS links.

Advantages with Add-ins

ShareControl is added on top of your Office 365. We emphasize the functionality that already exists in SharePoint in a simple and accessible way. All the files you work on are stored on your SharePoint.

You'll have complete control from day one, making it easy to take your data with you, as everything is stored on your tenant.


With Office 365 your data stays with you. You own it. You have full control. If you decide to terminate your Office 365 service you can bring your data with you.

When you entrust your data to Office 365, you remain the only owner of them; you retain the rights and ownership of the data you store in Office 365.


The ShareControl products are Add-ins for Office 365. You receive access to a .app-file which your administrator uploads to your tenants App-catalog. It is at that moment that your ShareControl product becomes available among the options when selecting to add an app to a site.

Each product is added to its own site. It is possible to add the product to several sites. We recommend that sites are structured in collaboration with your company's IT department, as rights and permissions is an important factor.

The product runs in the browser of the user (html/javascript) and uses REST to communicate between the site and SharePoint. To access the ShareControl view one must simply start the app by clicking the app icon from the site contents overview.